Comrex – Fun Facts:

  • Comrex was founded in 1961. Our first product, designed by Comrex founder John Cheney, was a wireless microphone for use in live television news broadcasts. Since then, we’ve developed state-of-the-art equipment to meet a variety of broadcasting needs. From telephone couplers and hybrids, to POTS and ISDN codecs, to IP-based talk show management systems, and handheld IP codecs, Comrex has created a varied portfolio of products which have become industry staples over the years.
  • We are pioneers in IP broadcasting. The Comrex ACCESS, released in 2007, is an IP codec which, while it performs exceptionally in a variety of applications, is specialized for remote broadcasts. With ACCESS, users have conducted remote radio broadcasts from airplanes, moving bicycles, boats in the middle of the ocean, and mountains in the Himalayas. Additionally, we’ve applied our IP knowledge to other products, to build STAC VIP, our IP-based talk show management system and VH2, an IP-based two-line hybrid.
  • Comrex does television, in addition to radio! Though we’ve gained a reputation in radio, in 2012 we recognized an opportunity to apply our IP broadcasting knowledge to video. Comrex LiveShot is an IP-based video acquisition and transmission tool – weighing only three pounds, LiveShot plugs into the back of a camera and sends video and audio to a studio in real time with very low latency. LiveShot can also receive video and audio from the studio, making it easy to view teleprompter or programming from the station while also sending live footage from the field. Due to its portability and flexibility, LiveShot has become popular with users in a wide span of markets, from colleges to sports teams to large network affiliates.
  • The average Comrex employee has been with the company for over ten years. That is an incredibly low turnover rate! We care deeply about our team and there’s a reason our employees choose to stick around.
  • We’re entirely employee owned, and we’re proud of that. This means that Comrex isn’t accountable to outside investors – we answer only to ourselves, and to our customers. Our independence gives us the freedom to focus on customer service and careful research and development, rather than exponential profit growth. We’re never on a third-party’s timeline – we can truly prioritize the quality of our equipment over everything else. This care and attention to detail is present not just in our products, but in our interactions with customers.

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COMREX_LOGO_tagline_500reverseComrex will be exhibiting at NAB 2016, from April 18-22 – our booth number is C1633. In the next month, we’ll be displaying at the ACM Western Region Conference, and the Worldwide Radio Summit. and the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo, May 2-3, 2016.

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