The MAB has learned that Broadcast Compliance Services (BCS) will be shutting their doors soon.  BCS has been used by broadcasters nationwide to promote job openings and help with EEO outreach efforts.  BCS was a service offered by the MAB, but was dropped early this year as usage of BCS declined dramatically over the years as members continue to adopt their own station tracking systems and the large group owners have developed their own proprietary systems just for their company.

The MAB remains committed to assisting member stations with their EEO compliance.  The MAB’s Washington Legal Hotline with David Oxenford is available to all members when they have EEO compliance questions.  Call the MAB for the members-only hotline number. In his Broadcast Law Blog, Oxenford recently wrote about the current round of FCC EEO audits and what stations should expect to provide to the FCC regarding their EEO efforts.

Former users of BCS should reach out to Robin Cooper if they have any questions regarding accessing any information regarding their previous use of the service.  Robin can be reached at (301) 998-6136.