Associate Member Highlight: The Michigan Association of School Boards

PrintThe Michigan Association of School Boards is a voluntary, nonprofit association of local and intermediate boards of education located throughout the State of Michigan.  Their membership is comprised of 600+ boards of education, representing nearly all public school districts in the state.


MASB Executive Director Don Wotruba

MASB was officially organized in 1949 to advance the quality of public education in our state, promote high standards in providing educational programs, help school board members keep informed about education issues, represent the interests of boards of education and promote public understanding about school boards and citizen involvement in our schools. The Association’s first statewide conference was held in the fall of 1948, prior to MASB’s legal incorporation April 19, 1949.

The mission of the Michigan Association of School Boards is to provide quality educational leadership services for all Michigan boards of education, and to advocate for student achievement and public education.

MASB’s Brand – MASB had identified five characteristics by which it would like to be defined. These characteristics represent what they want to be as an association and what they seek to deliver to their members.

  • Value and Quality—Our priority will be delivering outstanding, quality service driven by the needs of our members that is of high value to all Michigan boards of education.
  • Influential Leadership—We will demonstrate influential leadership through unrelenting advocacy for our cause, perceived clout among education, legislative, government and community leaders and achieved results of our public policy initiatives.
  • Trust-Based Relationships—The quality of our relationships with our colleagues at MASB, with our members and with others who have a stake in the future of Michigan’s education system, will be based on trust and supported by ongoing, open communication.
  • Visionary Thinking—Awareness of the larger, evolving context in which we work will be at the forefront of continual assessment and planning, ensuring that MASB strategies and actions are progressive and that we anticipate the long-term implications of our work.
  • Agile Operations—Our systems, processes and procedures will be designed for adaptability and flexibility, enabling timely, effective action that meets the evolving needs of our constituents and facilitates accomplishment of our vision and goals.

Fun facts about MASB:

  • MASB’s current Executive Director, Don Wotruba, started as an intern with the association.
  • One quarter of MASB’s membership changes every two years with the November election. In 2016, there are approximately 1,600 school board seats up for election and at least half of those seats will be filled with new school board members.
  • State Superintendent, Brian Whiston, was a school board member (Waterford School District).
  • Currently, the longest serving school board member has served 45 years…and there are three of them (the longest serving school board member in the history of MASB served for 58 years).
  • Almost all public schools in Michigan are members of MASB.

Visit their website here.