WDIV-TV, WJBK-TV and WXYZ-TV invite you to join them in airing a noncommercial statewide immunization town hall available for airing by all Television and radio stations beginning May 27 titled “Vaccine Town Hall: Answering Your Questions.”

Even though the governor has announced the expansion of gatherings and a back to work order coming soon, we still need to convince those reluctant to get the vaccine to do so in order to reach herd immunity. For many, the issues are trust and inaccurate information. People trust their local broadcasters more than any other media, which is why we are asking for your support.

The prerecorded, closed captioned Vaccine Town Hall runs 28:30 with a 2 minute mid-program break you may cover with local talent, or take the full feed. The mid-program break will include PSAs. Show hosts will be Devin Scillian (WDIV), Huel Perkins (WJBK) and Carolyn Clifford (WXYZ). It will follow the traditional town hall format with experts from the largest major hospitals answering questions sent in by the audience. The program will conclude with messages from the big four Michigan sports teams and a brief thank you from Governor Whitmer.

Technical Details:

The program is not being road blocked. Members are asked to air the program on their stations and stream it when they can and as often as they can between May 27 – June 23

The State of Michigan thanks you. Please let MAB know you will be carrying the program. Fill out the clearance form here