The newly remodeled MAB Great Lakes Media Center at 222 N. Chestnut Street in Lansing is open and the MAB staff is all settled in. This fun modern existing building has quite a story to go with it.

During the final stages of due diligence in preparation to build a new office building for the MAB on a five acre plot of land in downtown Lansing, it was discovered that a small amount of contaminated soil was just over the DEQ’s maximum allowable contamination levels. The cost to remediate a half acre of the soil was just too expensive.

The decision was made to not move forward with building. Though disappointing, it was the right decision. The MAB sold the property along with all responsibility for land cleanup to a developer who was finishing a project on the adjacent land and had brownfield credits to pay for the remediation.

Just hours later, MAB President Karole White was driving back from the Capitol and saw a familiar building for sale even closer to the Capitol at 222 N. Chestnut St. The office building was literally one block from the Capitol and had 7200 sq. feet of ready-built space including a lower level approved education/reception/distance learning area. The building was owned by the Michigan Association of Community Colleges. The Second floor of the building was at one time leased to Michigan Legislative Consultants government relations firm with partners Mike Bush, Fritz Benson and former MAB Executive Director Thom Cleary. What a coincidence! Built in 1992, this prestigious looking building just needed some love to bring it into the 2020’s. It was priced right. MAB purchased the building with the proceeds of the sale of the contaminated land. Even with remodeling costs, MAB still put over $400,000 to the bottom line after sale of our old office building and the land.

“It was meant to be that we would find the perfect new home for the MAB,” said President Karole White. “We are now moved into the building and invite members to drop by any time. We will be offering the lower level MAB Capitol Room, complete with kitchen and built in serving area to lawmakers for fundraisers and off site meetings. mi casa es su casa.”