Meet Your New MAB Board Member of the Week: Shannone Dunlap

As a career media marketing professional, I have become a student of consumer behaviors with a thirst for understanding the moment to moment movements of our listeners and populations to maximize the audiences of our radio stations and digital assets to bring the greatest return on investment for our advertising partners.

Now, working with Mike Chires and Norm McKee in Northern Michigan for Black Diamond Broadcasting, I am the New Business Development Director. Every day I work directly with our sales team to create marketing opportunities for local and regional businesses.

I don’t just work in the communities I serve; I roll my sleeves up and work hand in hand with organizations through volunteerism and facilitating creative brainstorming sessions to help create opportunities that overcome challenges in retail, service and recruitment business environments. I pride myself on helping main street businesses understand the ever-changing landscape of marketing with today’s technology. Expressing the importance to businesses, that being known before the consumer needs their products or services are needed is vital to any business’s growth. Advertising through traditional media such as radio keeps them top of mind and in play to earn their customer’s business whether through foot traffic in their store on through their websites and digital marketplaces.

I am a strong leader. Dedicated to my craft who tirelessly works with conviction, ethics and a hunger to win. I am a mom of an awesome 12-year-old who is fully invested in my family, my work and my community.