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Hannah Vogel is the proud recipient of a 2016 Dr. Peter Orlik Broadcasting Scholarship and is continuing her educational journey at Central Michigan University. Read on to learn more about Hannah and why she loves broadcasting…

Current school and expected year of graduation:
Central Michigan University, May 2018

Name of scholarship you received and year it was received:
Dr. Peter Orlik Broadcasting Scholarship, 2016

Brief resume and educational background:


  • Central Michigan University
    • Expected Graduation Date: May 2018
    • Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts major; 3.94 GPA
    • Received multiple broadcasting scholarships and awards
  • West Ottawa High School Graduate (Spring 2014)
    • West Ottawa Broadcasting Student of the Year

Relevant Experience

  • Chippewa Sports Network Production Crew (Fall 2016)
    • Various production roles for CMU athletics
    • In-arena production Director
    • Directing and crew for live broadcasts on ESPN3
  • Production Assistant for The Animal Planet (Summer 2016)
    • Worked with Build Producer on show, ‘Tree House Masters’
    • Assisted with job site logistics, getting building supplies
  • Video Production Intern for City of Holland (Summer 2016)
    • News package style event coverage
    • Improved filming and editing techniques
  • Member of Moore Hall Television (Spring 2015-current)
    • More in-depth camera and editing training
    • Writing sports news
    • Editing highlights and producing sports packages
  • Relevant Classes + Skills: Copywriting, proficient use of Adobe Premiere, Audition, and Photoshop, enthusiastic sports fan

Check out Hannah on Twitter: @Iamhannahvogel

What made you want to pursue broadcasting as a career?
I first discovered broadcasting in a broadcast journalism class during my junior year of high school. It was there that I fell in love with the whole process, the writing, producing, creating videos, all of it. It was really almost like I found my passion on accident. However, it was my first broadcast teacher, Lindsay Walcott, who made me truly want to pursue it as a career. She was the one who taught me the basics and showed me that it’s possible to have a career in something that started as a hobby for me.

What is your favorite class you have taken in school so far and why?
There are so many great classes, it’s almost impossible to choose! I would have to say my favorite has been my first Audio Production course. Honestly, it was one of the most challenging classes I’ve taken, but because of that, I learned and grew my skills so much. It’s my favorite because the challenge is the fun part; stretching your production skills with Audition and listening carefully for how to improve is great.

How has the MAB Foundation helped you in your educational journey?
The MAB Foundation has been a great resource to me as a student simply for the opportunities it provides. From scholarships to award competitions to conferences and network opportunities, the MAB Foundation has helped by offering such a variety of resources for me to grow my knowledge and professional career.

More about Hannah:
I am so glad I chose CMU because of the opportunities to discover what I’m passionate about. For me, that ended up being sports broadcasting, but I never would have found that out if I could never do radio or news first. Now, I really enjoy working with our athletic department to assist with live in-game production. It’s challenging, but it’s a challenge that I enjoy and one that I desire to improve on every game.