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Joshua Scramlin is the proud recipient of the Peter B. Orlik Broadcasting Scholarship and is continuing his educational journey at Central Michigan University. Read on to learn more about Joshua and why he loves broadcasting!

Current school and expected year of graduation:
Central Michigan University, class of 2018

Name of scholarship you received and year it was received:
The Dr. Peter Orlik Broadcasting Scholarship, received in Spring 2016

Brief resume and educational background:
I am currently a junior at CMU. As program director at college station WMHW, I helmed a format change from rock to hip-hop, which was met with open arms and an immensely positive response from the surrounding population. I have worked for both iHeartMedia Detroit and CBS Radio Detroit. While working for CBS I was able to become an on-air personality at WYCD at the age of 19, which I am very proud of. WYCD is one of the premiere country stations in the U.S., so to be a part of that before the age of 20 is indescribable.

Check out Joshua’s LinkedIn profile here.

What made you want to pursue broadcasting as a career?
Detroit is an incredible radio city. There is so much incredible talent and content in that market. I grew up listening to it and knew that I wanted to be a part of the fun and give people the same feeling that radio gave me. It is your job to make people’s lives easier or better. I would love to be the person responsible for making millions of people’s days better.

What is your favorite class you have taken in school so far and why?
BCA 510, it’s a media law class that examines why the industry is the way that it is. I love the business side and legal side of the industry, so to learn about the precedents set is wonderful.

How has the MAB Foundation helped you in your educational journey?
I pay for my education solely off of scholarships and my own money. Receiving The Dr. Peter Orlik Broadcasting Scholarship made my life much easier as I continue to put myself through higher education with my own funds. I am very serious about a career in radio and the MABF recognized that and basically said “We like what you’re doing, so here’s a little help to keep doing it.” That gave me a feeling of purpose and made me feel as though the MABF cared.

More about Joshua:
My overall life goal is to be a PD in a top twenty market. I am very confident in being able to do so thanks to CMU’s BCA program and getting experience at companies such as CBS and iHeart. Without the help of others, I can’t say I’d be as confident as I am.